Our world is changing and the world population is growing rapidly. For all people we need buildings to live, to shop, to work and to enjoy to feel save and protected. We need a reliable infrastructure to travel, to connect people with people. One of the consequences of growing population is that major cities are incrementally getting bigger. The way we are building need to change. Conventional infrastructure and living environments are emerging and creating the need for faster, smarter and lower cost setups. Concepts for Smart Cities and modular housing are born. In most of the local eco systems, the construction industry is the key driver of growth, wealth and security.

Compared to other industry sectors, the fragmented traditional building industry participants are decades behind adapting to process and lean factory production driven manufacturers. New digital innovative technologies through the internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), roboting, automatization and new materials can help to make the required changes. Pioneers, Innovation, Software and Technology are reinventing our construction world. It’s time to be the change to come. It’s time to change the way the world is building. There are significant investment opportunities in the complete construction value chain through innovative start-up companies. These entrepreneurs and start-up founders will use technology, data and engaged people to drive the change in the global construction market.